When I See The Grizzly Waiting My Cares Fall Away And I Am Happy

Anyone who spends time in bear country will most likely have an unexpected encounter with a grizzly bear. These experiences make us present, enrich our lives and humble us. What is remarkable is the restraint of the bears, who almost always want to avoid trouble with us.

Grizzly Bear Mama and Cubs in the Canadian Rockies

I breathed in her mama bear, I worshipped her. You look at one of these poetic creatures…you have a million transports of joy.

The grizzly bear is the perfect symbol of the untamed wilderness, the grizzly bear is one of the most magnificent and prestigious wildlife species on earth. And are an essential part of a healthy, full functioning environment. The bear represents strength, family, vitality, courage and health. The bear is thoughtful and independent. The bear is self-sufficient and strong-willed in nature.

The truth is the grizzly bear is a reminder to protect nature, to fight for what is right and to restore balance to the natural world so we can coexist having mutual respect for all members of our planet earth.

If the truth is one thing to me and another thing to you, how will we choose which is truth? We don’t need to choose. The heart already knows. They all touch the heart, and what the heart holds to becomes truth.

Happy Heartfelt Hump Day!

Stay safe and take care.


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