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Since my return to Alberta for the season I am pleased and happy to once again be living in natures backyard. In the midst of all the chaos in this world I have found happiness and sanity surrounded by nature and the wildlife that live in these forests and mountains.

Big Horn Sheep

Athabaska Falls

Mama Grizzly and Cubs

My Girl Dakota-Born To Be Wild

Kootenay River

Coyote Kananaskis Country

Elk Spring Kananaskis Country

Athabaska Falls

Baby Rocky Mountain Goat

I love the experiences I have grounded in nature’s reality. I love the wildlife I encounter and photograph. I also love talking with them, it feels like they understand what I say because I say it out of love and respect. It has been said that in order to understand someone you have to love them. I think that is probably why I can understand the wildlife I photograph a little, because I love them. For me it’s not just about seeing them through my lens, but seeing the world through their eyes and getting to know them.

The popular portrait of a lot of our misunderstood wildlife has had huge consequences for them and for us. This misinterpretation is the foundation for policy and practice, with the result that wildlife numbers are now a fraction of their former population not only in Canada but worldwide.

If for example a bear should wander their territory and meander into a designated picnic area or campground, they are at risk of being darted, drugged, dragged away in a sling under a helicopter and deposited far from their home in unknown territory.

Having witnessed the disrespect of these amazing beings over the years, it always amazes me that they are so restrained. Most bears and other wildlife are still open and willing to be friendly with humans. We too need to be more open, understanding and compassionate for the wildlife in our coexistence. Because life is so much better lived with compassion and love.

We are all children of nature and we are all Born to be Wild.

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!

Stay safe and take care.


“Whenever the pressure of our complex life thins my blood and numbs my brain, I seek relief in the trail; and when I see the coyote waiting, my cares fall from me – I am happy.”

I love the outdoors being in nature and the opportunity to photograph the wildlife I come across during my hikes and adventures in the wilderness. I have a reverence towards the wildlife that inhabit the wild places and have been in situations where I have been closer to the wildlife than expected; I’ve enjoyed these moments but I have never sought them out or purposefully intruded on them.

I believe in ethical practices while pursuing my hobby of wildlife photography. And I also believe that whether you are a professional photographer or a hobbyist it is important to never intrude on wildlife or their habitat for the sake of a photo opportunity.

We must respect and maintain safe and healthy boundaries at all times. Let us all strive for ethical actions towards wildlife and wild places.

It is good practice if you post a location on social media to keep it general, not specific, to allow wildlife and their wild places to remain safe from intrusion.

Whether you are a professional photographer or a hobbyist like me, we all need to ban together and keep the privacy and safety of wildlife at the heart of all the photos we take. In some situations, a zoom lens can get us close but keep us at far enough away to not intrude and risk lives for that perfect shot.

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

Stay safe and take care.