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  • Live Your Truth

    Live Your Truth

    I feel in this crazy new world I may have lost my way for a brief time. But I’m back and I realize that it’s more important now than ever to live life with guiding principles and a life motto. My personal motto is… To live with PURPOSE, TRUTH and OPTIMISIM. To Embrace the Deep […]

  • Talking With Wildlife

    Talking With Wildlife

    Since my return to Alberta for the season I am pleased and happy to once again be living in natures backyard. In the midst of all the chaos in this world I have found happiness and sanity surrounded by nature and the wildlife that live in these forests and mountains. I love the experiences I […]

  • When I See The Grizzly Waiting My Cares Fall Away And I Am Happy

    When I See The Grizzly Waiting My Cares Fall Away And I Am Happy

    Anyone who spends time in bear country will most likely have an unexpected encounter with a grizzly bear. These experiences make us present, enrich our lives and humble us. What is remarkable is the restraint of the bears, who almost always want to avoid trouble with us. I breathed in her mama bear, I worshipped […]

  • When I See The Coyote Waiting My Cares Fall Away And I Am Happy

    When I See The Coyote Waiting My Cares Fall Away And I Am Happy

    I love the outdoors being in nature and the opportunity to photograph the wildlife I come across during my hikes and adventures in the wilderness. I have a reverence towards the wildlife that inhabit the wild places and have been in situations where I have been closer to the wildlife than expected; I’ve enjoyed these moments […]

  • You Matter: We All Matter

    You Matter: We All Matter

    We need a world where all lives matter, not theoretically, but actually. The idea that some lives matter less is all that is wrong with the world. At this time on Earth, it seems there is no escape, no exit from global antagonism. Nor is there any escape from the ramifications of treating one another […]

  • Welcome 2021

    Wow…what a year, right!? Finally, this rollercoaster of a year has come to an end and the anticipation of better times is contagious and catching and spreading. Thank you for your support and engagement throughout this very different year of 2020! I am grateful for all of you and this community. Here are my top […]

  • Every Picture Tells A Story

    While every picture tells a story and each one is worth a thousand words, I believe photographs tell stories more directly and with more impact and emotion. The photographs I select to share are the most closely related to the experiences and emotions I have at the time when telling my story. I have lived […]

  • 2018 A Year of New Horizons

    2018 A Year of New Horizons

    It’s been a minute and here we are into 2019! A review of 2018 brings to mind, new experiences, lessons learned and promises made; a year jam-packed with new adventures and aspiring dreams. It was also a year of personal growth—finding and sharing happiness and realizing that the act of sharing happiness is part of […]

  • 2017 A Year of Transition

    2017 has been a year of transition. It has been a difficult year in many ways and through it all my wonderful children, dear family and friends have been a great support, loving me through some of the more difficult times. A lot of the ups and downs of the year are reflected in the […]

  • Here’s to 2016! It was an inspiring year

    Here’s to 2016! It was an inspiring year

    In 2016, we took a few road trips, ventured to new destinations, checked a few things off the bucket list and learned extraordinary things about life in our own backyard, life is about the journey, not the destination. It’s about igniting our passions, following our dreams and discovering the amazing world we live in. We […]

  • A Year In Review: 2016

    A Year In Review: 2016

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  • A Year In Review: 2015

    A Year In Review: 2015

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  • 365 Project Moments

    365 Project Moments

    The 365 project was no small undertaking—a few of those moments.

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